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PTFE Wires, Cables And Sleeves

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PTFE Insulated High Voltage Corona Resistant

Price: 400 INR

PTFE Insulated High Voltage Corona Resistant and fire resistant.

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Floor Heating Mat

Price: 110 INR

UnderFloor is a complete heating mat consisting of a series heating wire, a foil radiator to make a radiant surface, and a power lead for connection to the electric power supply.

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PTFE Sleeve

Price: 60 INR

PTFE Sleeve AS per MIL - 122129C

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Parallel Heat Tracer Wire

Price: 110 INR

Specifications: Linear Wattage: 50 watts/meter Linear Volt: 230 volt Length: 85 meter

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PTFE Insulated Resistance Wire

Price: 110 INR

We are the recognized team of experts that is widely used for providing PTFE Insulated Resistance Wire that is used to provide electricity to homes, offices, shops, malls, and many places. As there is proper insulation on the wire, it ensures that the water substance will not react to our product. Specification: Color: White

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PTFE Flat Bonded Cable

Price: 400 INR

PTEF Insulated wires as per JSS, 51034

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PTFE Insulated Wire

Price: 5 INR/Meter

This reliable PTFE Insulated Wire is made up the thick copper wire which has a coating of insulating plastic wire that prevent from shocking. It is widely used in the electrical area so as to provide flow of electricity inside the house, offices and many other places. Specification: Color: Customized

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Heat Tracer Wire

Price: 110 INR/Meter

Linear Wattage: 10 watts/meter Linear Volt: 230 volt Length: 25 meter

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Floor Heating Wire

Price: 70 INR

Floor heating cable: A system which buries floor heating cable in the floor of the building, using radiation from electric


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